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Professional guitar,alto saxophone ,clarinet player and a LUTHIER from North Cyprus  

Kamil was burn in October 17th 1983 at the northern part of Cyprus.

    After graduating from high school he enrolled at the Music Department Eastern Mediterranean University where he completed his four year univerisity degree on a classical guitar.he began to play the guitar at the age of 15 and is a professional guitarist today.

  Since 1994 he was playing and also performed as a dancer with several folklore dance groups from North Cyprus.including the state folk dance group of North Cyprus under the ministry of Culture.He participated in many international folk dance festivals with different groups and other events in Turkey,Greece,Poland,France,Spain,England,Hungary,Romania,Macedonia,Croatia,Slovenia, Italy,Canada ,Mexico and USA.


   The ARC Music Productions company was so impressed with there performances that they recorded a cd of there folklore music and songs which was released in the year 2006 under the title of Musics Of Northern Cyprus.

          After finishing university he also performed as a musician in the military band whilst doing his national service.After his army service he played the guitar and clarinet in various bands as a musician.

       The pleasure that playing music gave him moved in to expanding his musical ability.Being a grate fan of jazz and world music and the beautiful effect  that the saxophone has on jazz he decided to learn how to play the saxophone.

       since taking up the saxophone,his playing  and learning mainly towards jazz.In the mean time he still perform with different bands and also play in recording studios with guitar,clarinet and also now the saxophone.

      he wish to take up playing jazz professionally mainly the sax and clarinet.The popular US Jazz band Chris Bayer’s & Ari Rowland visit Cyprus two or three times a year to play and teach jazz music.he've attended their courses which improved his ability at playing the sax and he still attend their courses when available.

      Playing in various bands he have improved his playing and performances at the same time and also see the lacking in the music played here.


   Although Kamil Torun started his career as founder of TORUN Instruments. after branching off, he now shares his creativity and unique approach to design with the world through his work at TORUN Instruments . Founded in 2014, this new company pushes the limits on creativity beyond basses and guitars, where Torun continues to pursue his passion for building the impossible.











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